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At Crichton Casbon Consulting our mission is to bring kindness to the fore in education.

Our Kindness Curriculum focuses on developing a disposition of kindness to oneself, others and our world. Our aim is to help young people develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and dispositions they need to create a better, more sustainable world.


  • comes from being kindred spirits
  • is not just an act – it’s something we choose to do
  • is what binds us together – that we are all of human kind
  • is about recognising our similarities rather than our differences

If all our young people leave formal education with this knowledge and understanding, along with the desire and courage to do something about the big challenges that face us all, how much would that change the world and how we live?

Our energy and desire come from a deep belief that we can never underestimate what humankind can achieve and accomplish. 

  •   We will always expect the very highest standards in all that we are involved in and do. 
  •   We know that we have the imagination and capacity to find solutions to every challenge we face.

We have the courage, conviction and creativity to make kindness in our schools, personal lives and communities a reality. If you do too, then join us.

We anticipate that, by engaging with our website and the sections within it, you will restart or accelerate your journey towards creating the best learning possible for all the children and students you encounter.